Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Best Way to Kill Your Food Blog... to fall in love and go to medical school. This might explain why you have not heard from me in quite some time. I kept thinking I would find time once school started to keep up the Student Epicure, but alas physiology, anatomy, and pharmacology prevailed. Blogging and cooking had to get in line behind sleep, boyfriend, family, friends, and exercise.

But now it's summer vacation -- my last summer off, as many people in the medical profession like to tell me in sombre tones. I've decided to revamp this blog a bit to become more of a food journal. What I'm cooking everyday, which restaurants I'm going to, what I wish I were eating. We'll see what happens. I've noticed over this past year that what I cook is so reflective of my mental and emotional state: pickles begin to overflow the shelves when I have too much free time and nervous energy; I eat scrambled eggs for breakfast when I'm stressed out and overwhelmed; Rob & I cook more elaborate meals together when I'm relaxed and feeling carefree. This is a work in progress that I hope will help capture some memories of daily life. Stay tuned...

~ Rachel


  1. yay for the return of the student epicure. excited!

  2. yay that you're in LOVE!